Dentist near Galewood IL Discusses Wearing an Old Retainer

When you have a misalignment of teeth, the dentist calls it a malocclusion. That’s when it’s time to see an orthodontist that determines whether braces or orthodontic treatment is needed. After the dental treatment has ended, many people wonder if it’s safe to return to wearing an old retainer if the teeth start to shift again. Let’s look at why this isn’t a good idea.
Why You Need to Avoid Old Retainers
While you might be tempted to put on an old retainer and avoid another appointment with your orthodontist, you should avoid this temptation at all cost. First, if the retainer fits at all, it will most likely hurt. That’s because your teeth have shifted out of position. While the retainer shouldn’t rip your teeth out of your gums, it could cause them to become loose. That’s due to the pressure they put on the teeth.
Aside from that, after years of not wearing your retainer, it probably isn’t in the best shape. There might be bacteria on it that could cause you to become ill. It might also be brittle and could break as a result of usage.
What to Do?
As much as you don’t want to see the orthodontist again after years away, you need to make an appointment. They will assess the changes over the years and see if there’s an easy way to reduce the shifting. Most times, braces aren’t needed again, especially if the misalignment is caught early enough.
If you need help finding a qualified orthodontist in your area, your dentist  will have the best names for you. Talk to them about your concerns and schedule an appointment right away. If you visit with them early enough, you might be able to avoid another round of braces and use a simpler treatment plan instead. 
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