Dental Exams and Digital X-Rays

It is recommended that patients schedule routine dental appointments twice a year. These routine check-ups allow your dentist the opportunity to help maintain your oral health, prevent future issues, and diagnose current problems in an early stage. When a health issue is diagnosed early, treatment has a greater chance of success. It can also prevent additional expenses if the problem were to worsen.
What to Expect
Typically, most dental visits consist of the same routine and procedure. Your medical history will be reviewed to confirm nothing has changed since your last visit. It is important to disclose all medical conditions and medications, as they may affect your dental health treatment and procedures.
Standard dental tools such as high-intensity lighting, and small mirrors will be used during your visual examination. Your dentist will be checking for cracked teeth, damaged fillings from previous dental work, and current cavities in need of a fill. Your gum tissue and bone structure will also be examined for any signs of gum disease or oral cancer. Oral cancer could occur in a number of areas, including the lips, tongue, face, throat, and neck. They will all be screened for any symptoms or evidence of concern.
Digital X-Rays
Diagnostic x-rays are taken to spot any potential issue your dentist may not be able to diagnose visually during your exam. Bitewing x-rays are usually taken once a year, even though routine appointments are encouraged every six months.
We urge you not to put off your dental appointments. The problem you are visiting the dentist for may have been easily avoided. 
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