Orthodontics and Invisalign in Elmwood Park IL

Orthodontics is a specialty within the field of dentistry. Correcting misaligned teeth not only improves the appearance of teeth, but their functionality as well. Patients are treated with custom fit appliances to ensure their individual needs. Orthodontic appliances apply a gentle yet constant pressure while moving teeth into their proper position. The end result is a beautiful smile and a boost to your overall confidence.
Traditionally, orthodontic appliances were only made of metal. Today, there are other options such as ceramic and plastic. Patients also have the option of choosing between removable appliances and those that are semi-permanently bonded to teeth. Options such as Invisalign in Elmwood Park, IL, are clear and discrete visually. 
While undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is important to spend a little extra time taking care of your teeth. Food can easily get caught within metal brackets and should be removed to avoid future issue. Our office will make sure you have the tools and knowledge you need to properly care for your braces. Don't delay your dream smile any longer, schedule your consultation.
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