Dental Bridges With Your Family Dentist in Elmwood Park IL

Dental bridges are a common dental procedure in which the gaps created by a missing tooth or teeth are filled with a false tooth. When performing a dental bridge, the teeth surrounding the gap serve as an anchor for the incoming false tooth. This false tooth is also known as a pontic. Gaps in teeth can be aesthetically displeasing and harmful to your dental health.
How Can a Space Harm My Teeth?
- Teeth may shift into the open spaces if not corrected. This can result in misaligned teeth and an improper painful bite. 
-Lack of tooth or teeth puts more pressure on the rest of your teeth when eating. This pressure increases the chance of tooth decay and gum disease in your remaining teeth.
-Your jaw may start to recede where the missing tooth was, causing additional undesired tooth loss.
Types of Dental Bridges
Traditional Fixed Bridge: A traditional fixed bridge is most commonly used to correct empty spaces. During this procedure, a porcelain crown is placed over the pontic and surrounding teeth. 
Cantilever Bridge: A cantilever bridge is implemented when there are only teeth present on one side of the gap. This type of bridge is only used in areas that don’t experience heavy chewing.
Resin-Bonded Bridge: During a resin-bonded bridge procedure, a metal band is bonded with resin to the teeth surrounding the empty area. This type of bridge is also only typically used in areas of the mouth that don’t experience heavy chewing. 
What to Expect
When placing a dental bridge, a minimum of two visits for the patient is required.  During your first visit, the teeth surrounded the problem gap will be prepped to fit the incoming crown. Your teeth may need to be filed in order for the crown to fit properly. An impression of your teeth will then be taken and sent out for your bridge and crown to be created. Lastly, your family dentist in Elmwood Park, IL will fit you with a temporary bridge to protect teeth until your next visit. Upon your second visit, your temporary bridge will be removed and the new bridge will be placed and adjusted to fit correctly.
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