Elmwood Park, IL Dentists Discuss Coffee Stains and Your Teeth

More than half of Americans consume a minimum of one cup of coffee per day. While most people feel that they couldn’t live without their coffee, they also don’t like the yellow stains that result from that cup of Joe. What most people don’t know is that cold brew appears to stain teeth less than regular coffee. Here are some other things you’ll want to know about the effects of coffee on your teeth.
What Causes the Staining?
Coffee contains polyphenols. These provide an excellent source of your dietary antioxidants. These acids are also great for your health as well. The higher the polyphenol count is in your coffee, the lower your chances are of having Type 2 Diabetes, dementia, heart disease or a stroke. These acids remove the plaque from your teeth and protect you from damage. 
These are the same acids that lead to the staining of your teeth. It’s also important to note that once you add creamer or sugar to your coffee, you cancel out these health benefits. This is when the acids break down your tooth enamel instead. 
Enjoy the Health Benefits Without Yellow Teeth
So what should you do if you want to receive all the benefits, but you can’t live with the yellow teeth? You won’t be able to avoid yellow teeth entirely, but here are some steps to help you.
Consider drinking the coffee through a straw instead. This helps the liquid bypass your front teeth. Obviously, you’ll need to be careful if you are drinking hot coffee.
Electric toothbrushes are useful for reducing surface stains.
Rinse your mouth after you drink your coffee. This removes the pigments left over. 
Utilize a whitening product, whether it be strips or toothpaste. 
Talk to your Elmwood Park, IL dentists about professional whitening. 
Maintain good oral hygiene practices.
Following these steps helps you to enjoy your coffee and avoid too many yellow stains. Another critical factor is to ensure you visit the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning. Together, you can fight back against the dreaded yellow stains that come from drinking your favorite beverage. 
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