60707 Dentist Offers Painless Biological Dentistry – No shot - No drill - No fear

We are your Laser Dentist in Elmwood Park, Oak Park, River Forest, Chicago.

We utilize state of the art Waterlase Laser (Wavelength Er;Cr:YSGG, 2780 nm) as well as diode laser for soft tissue treatment. Some of the advantage of this technology are listed below:



VVirtually Painless, More Natural Dentistry


The WaterLase is a state-of-the-art dental laser that can be used in place of the traditional dental drill for many procedures.


The reason you might experience pain, or require anesthesia, from a dental drill is generally from the heat, vibration, and pressure that it generates. But the beauty of the WaterLase is that it can cut into both teeth and gums without having to use heat, vibration, or pressure. So dental procedures performed with the WaterLase are pain-free or nearly pain-free, even without the use of numbing shots or other anesthesia.


Using the WaterLase for gum procedures results in much less bleeding than traditional methods, and post-operatively much less swelling, pain, or need for pain medications.


Accuracy & Precision


Because the WaterLase is so accurate, Dr. Chae is able to target just the areas with the tough tooth enamel decay that needs to be removed, while leaving the healthy areas of the teeth and mouth untouched. Using traditional methods, even the most skilled dentist cannot help but take off more of the tooth structure, decreasing the longevity of your teeth.


Reduced Trauma


Dental drills not only can cause pain, but they are more likely to damage teeth than is the WaterLase. The damage is generally minor fractures and hairline cracks in the teeth, but even minor damage can eventually lead to more significant dental problems.


Less Bleeding & Swelling


As noted, the WaterLase is suited not only to procedures performed on the teeth, but gum procedures as well, as it causes less trauma to the soft tissues of the gum compared to traditional drills. That means less worries over pain, bleeding, or swelling.


Fewer Dental Visits


Another advantage of the WaterLase over a dental drill is that by often eliminating the need for any kind of anesthesia or numbing, it enables Dr. Chae to do all the cavity prep work you need in one visit, rather than treating different areas of your mouth on multiple visits.


Dr. Chae is also now able to perform many procedures in the office with the WaterLase that in the past might have had to be referred to other specialists. That means less time out of your busy schedule running to different appointments at different locations.




From removing tooth decay, to smile design, cavity preparation, root canals, gum and bone surgery, and numerous other procedures, the WaterLase is a wonderfully versatile tool that can be used to meet many of the dental needs of you and your family.


Watch the video below to learn more:


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